Nail Treatments are Key to Keeping Nails Healthy and Strong During Winter Months

Nail Treatments are Key to Keeping Nails Healthy and Strong During Winter Months
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By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer
Founding Partner at Adesse New York

Dry winter air and exposure to indoor heating can wreak havoc on nails and cuticles. But using an anti-aging regimen of nail treatments regularly can reduce dryness, correct damage and improve the health and condition of nails during these chilly months.

We all have a regimen for hair care and skin care, but how many of us have a dedicated nail treatment regimen? Nails, like skin and hair attract environmental impurities such as oils, dirt and grime. They are affected by environmental stress and impurities and when they are out of balance, can make us look dull and aged. Essential to a healthy regimen are products that cleanse, rejuvenate and strengthen the nails.

Purifying Nail Cleanser from Adesse New York’s Nail Treatment Essentials Collection is an essential purifying nail cleaner that combines a unique complex of Cranberry Extract, Lemon Extract, Soap Bark Extract and Which Hazel. The ingredients in this nail cleansergently but effectively detoxify and lift away embedded grime.

Adesse’s Nail Growth Optimizer is an anti-aging complex of Biotin, Calcium, Keratin Protein and Argan Oil; packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9. This nail primer is designed to be worn between manicures to rejuvenate and fortify week, brittle nails and reduce splitting and breakage.

Nail Defense is a nail hardener and nail strengthener with an advanced complex of Keratin Protein, Bio-Minerals and Vitamin E that instantly hydrates and stabilizes soft week nails. It adds a shield of protection from external stress and damage and is designed to be used before applying nail polish.

Nail Moisturizer and Cuticle Treatment are essential to the overall health and beauty of nails and Adesse’s Strengthening Bamboo Cream, Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil,and Fortifying Shea Treatment are deliciously fragrant and luxurious nail treatments that smooth, condition and restore a healthy balance to our nails.

These nail treatments and cuticle care repair products are lightly fragranced with organic botanicals and flowers; providing a spa like sensorial experience for the mind and soul.


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