Nail Care for the Modern Woman

Nail care for modern women has taken twists and turns throughout the years.  What used to be expensive and time-consuming, is now inexpensive and quick. In the 1920s a makeup artist wanted to recreate the lacquer she saw on cars. She soon perfected her formula and thus the modern liquid nail polish was born. Almost 100 years later and the toxic formal found in most regular nail polish brands are the same as the ones from the 20s, an era where cigarettes were said to be healthy. Nail care for modern women nowadays looks like non-toxic formula, high-quality lacquer, and a quick drying time.

Today’s Modern Women

The beauty of the present day is that a modern woman is anything she wants to be. She doesn’t take no for an answer and definitely doesn’t settle. She is sure of herself and wants to take care of her body and her planet. She is practical and strong, but splurges and is vulnerable at times. She knows she is only human, but that doesn’t stop her from striving to be the best she can be.

Today’s modern women takes pride in her appearance, but knows that her looks do not define who she is. She values her health over all and is willing to invest in it. And when it comes to nail care for modern women, she wants the best choice for right now, and for her future.

Nail Treatments

If healthier natural nails is your primary concern, we have multiple nail treatments to conquer all your nail worries. As we age, our nails naturally become more brittle and dull. Luckily for us, this aging symptom is surprisingly simple to fix. Ingredients like marine algae serum, sodium hyaloronate and hyaluronic acid help to hydrate and repair dry, cracking nails and cuticles. Adesse’s Marine Algae Hydration Serum works wonders for aging nails.


Dry and tired nails are also easy to cure. Guarana extract, B vitamins, and peppermint oil stimulate the nails and cuticles for that perfect, hydrated, look. Green tea extract and aloe extract moisturize and further energize the nails and cuticles, promoting a boost in overall appearance and natural nail growth. Our nail and cuticle energizer works by restoring your natural nails to their original luster and some. The blend of vitamins and natural oils will leave your hands looking flawless, from cuticle to nail. We love putting this on before bed and waking up to perfectly hydrated nails.

The foundation of the perfect manicure is healthy and strong natural nails. Once you have this step completed, then you can confidently apply polish with no fear of damage to your natural nails. Nail care for modern women looks a lot like being knowledgeable in how and why your manicure looks amazing.

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