Summer Trend Alert: The Popsicle Manicure

Get this Summer's Coolest Manicure Trend: The Popsicle Manicure

By Suzanne Roberta, MBA

Adesse New York Popsicle Manicure

Welcome to the world of summer beauty where chic meets sophistication.

Experience the ultimate summer manicure trend with the Popsicle Manicure. Born in the exclusive Hamptons, this clean and cool look is all about sophistication and radiance.

And we're going to show you how to get the look at home in three easy steps, so read on to learn how to get this beautiful and easy manicure that you can wear all summer!

Adesse New York Hampton's Popsicle Manicure

This season's must-have manicure trend is the Popsicle Manicure, a clean and cool style that originated in the Hamptons, the seaside haven for the rich and famous.

Discover how to achieve this fresh and sophisticated look at home using Adesse New York's incredible nail products in three easy steps.

Step 1: Shape and Prep with Crystal Nail File Duo.

Begin by using the large crystal file from Adesse New York's Crystal Nail File Duo to shape your nails to your desired style. Whether you prefer an almond shape or a classic square, this file offers precise control and gentle shaping.

Adesse New York Crystal Nail File Duo


Step 2: Reveal a Demure Glow.

Take the small crystal file from the duo and gently buff away the dead layers of your nails. This important step is what sets the Popsicle Manicure apart, as the shiny nail glows from within. By revealing a super shiny glow, you'll achieve that understated elegant radiance that is the hallmark of this trend.

Step 3: Create Sheer Elegance with W3 Peptide Nail Serum.

Apply two coats of Adesse New York's sheer white W3 Peptide Nail Serum to achieve a milky white color. This revolutionary formula not only provides a beautiful and even finish but also contains powerful peptides to nourish and strengthen your nails. Embrace the clean and sophisticated summer look with this sheer elegant look while it helps improve the overall health and wellness of your nails.

Fun Fact: W3 Peptide Nail Serum is made with Pea Peptides and Pistachio Oil, so it helps repair nail damage, strengthen nails and help them grow.


Step 4: Seal the Deal with Diamond Shine Top Coat.

Once the W3 Peptide Nail Serum is dry, (allow about 30 – 60 seconds between coats), apply two coats of Adesse New York's Diamond Shine Top Coat. This top coat is the secret to achieving a diamond-like super shiny finish that will make your Popsicle Manicure truly stand out. The high-gloss formula locks in the color, enhances durability, and adds an irresistible brilliance.

Pro Tip: Cap the tips of the nails with the brush to increase the wear and durability of your manicure.

Adesse New York Diamond Shine Top Coat


It’s that easy to have this cool, sophisticated, chic summer look in minutes.

Celebs are embracing the Popsicle Manicure Look.

Well-heeled celebrities in the Hamptons have fallen head over heels for the Adesse New York Popsicle Manicure trend. Stars like Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid have been spotted flaunting this clean and cool style.

By following our easy steps, you too can join the trendsetters and wear this sophisticated summer look. Get ready to turn heads with nails that exude elegance and radiate with a demure glow. Take a leap into the world of the Popsicle Manicure and enjoy a summer of chic perfection.

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