The Mani Edit: Why You Need Lip Gloss Nails

The Mani Edit: Why You Need Lip Gloss Nails

By Suzanne Roberta, MBA

The Hottest Nail Trend for 2023 is Lip gloss Nails

Lip Gloss Nails


2022 was the year of glazed donut nails, but   2023 is all about lip gloss nails; the newest trend in the world of manicures. Dubbed as the “manicure du jour” by some TikTokers, lip gloss nails are a modern-day take on the classic nude manicure, replete with mega watt, high shine gloss.

The look is chic, wearable, and easy to achieve since all it entails is a skin-flattering tone of base coat or nail polish that makes the nails appear flush with a hint of color and a super glossy clear coat. Together, the combination of a neutral nail color plus a high-shine glossy finish resembles the look of lip gloss on the lips (hence its name).

In today’s Nail Tip Tuesday blog, we unpack everything there is to know about the lip gloss nail trend, including how to do it yourself at home (it's super easy)!

Lip gloss nails are a new way to sport clean, simple, well-manicured nails. The look is all about using nude, natural and baby pink hues of polish and sealing it in with an ultra-glossy topcoat to mimic the look of shiny glossy lips. The nails look as if you just freshly swiped them with lip gloss without using actual gloss.

The hint of color plus the mega-gloss finish from the topcoat reflects the effortless vibe of clean, easy, yet sophisticated beauty.

First, What Are Lip Gloss Nails?

Lip gloss nails are a new way to sport clean, simple, well-manicured nails. The look is all about using nude, natural and baby pink hues of polish and sealing it in with an ultra-glossy topcoat to mimic the look of shiny glossy lips.

The shiny, wet-looking finish resembles the look of super shiny lip gloss, where the finish takes center stage to enhance the lips. Likewise, the manicure achieves the same effect with minimal color. Just like how a swipe of a good clear lip gloss can serve as the finishing touch to perk up the lips.

The chic, timeless look of lip gloss nails works with base coats that are brightening, such as Adesse New York’s Brightening Base Coat. This base coat has optical brighteners, which instantly brighten the nails to their own natural beauty.

For a sheer hint of color, Adesse New York’s CC Smoothing Base Coat gives the nails a sophisticated pale pink hue. Plus, it’s smoothing properties fill ridges and reduce the appearance of imperfections, leaving a sheer, smooth, glass like finish.

For a more vibrant look, look for pale shades that give a hint more color to the nails. Bellini, White Lotus and No Tan Lines are our go-to’s for this look. The more complimentary the polish is to your skin’s undertone, the more seamless the look. Shades that are too dark or opaque prevent the sheerness from coming through.

What is the Best Shape for Lip Gloss Nails

When it comes to lip gloss nails, no shape is off limits. The trend looks good on both long and short nails. Longer nails have more nail plate surface to showcase the look and have a bit more variation of underneath colors due to the white nail tip color. Shorter nails will seamlessly blend with the cuticle skin. While we personally prefer this look on round and round-square nails, any shape can pull off this simple looking nail because of its natural look.

It is versatile and effortlessly cool so that it can go with an evening dress just as well as jeans and a white t-shirt. Lip gloss nails even look good with a yoga outfit.

How To Do Lip Gloss Nails At Home

First, you don’t need a tube of clear lip gloss to achieve lip gloss nails. Sheer nails don’t show much mess and therefore are very easy to apply at home.

Instead, you’ll need some essentials to nail the look: a nail file such as our Glass Nail File Duo Set that shapes and buffs, an orange stick to push your cuticles back, a base coat, sheer nude or light pink nail polish such as Adesse New York Brightening Base Coat, CC Smoothing Base Coat, Bellini, No Tan Lines or White Lotus and a brilliantly shiny top coat such as Adesse’s Diamond Shine Top Coat.

Start by prepping the nails. We recommend shaping the nails to your favorite shape, gently tidying the cuticles by pushing them back, and then buffing the nail plate. Once your nails are prepped, apply one or two coats of either sheer or shimmering iridescent polish to create that jelly-milky effect. Then, finish off with a coat of super shiny Diamond Shine Top Coat. To amp up your gloss game, apply two coats.

If the nails start to look dull and lose their luster, simply apply an additional coat of Diamond Shine Top Coat.

And lastly, don’t forget to give your cuticles a little TLC. Taking care of your cuticles is especially important when you wear lip gloss nails because there is little to no color on the nails, so cuticle appearance really stands out.

Plus, taking care of your cuticles regularly improves overall nail appearance, health and condition. We recommend Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil for everyday use and Marine Algae Hydration Serum for intense overnight hydration.

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