Cuticle Care for Busy Women!

Cuticle Care for Busy Women!

by Suzanne Roberta, MBA

Adesse NY Cuticle Care for Busy Women


If you're like me, always on the move with work, family and fitness, cuticle care can be one of the first things we neglect. Even if we get regular manicures, it's so important to give our cuticles some regular TLC.

Hi, I'm Suzanne, the founder and owner of Adesse New York and in today's blog, I'm going to talk about how to maintain the health and appearance of your cuticles so your manicure stays beautiful and your cuticles protect your nails. 

I don't know where you're reading this blog from, but I'm in rainy, cold Scottsdale Arizona at the moment. Usually, it's sunny and warm here, but not this year. So my cuticles have really been suffering. Between the heat indoors and cold temperatures outside, they've been dry and cracking. 

But don't worry, I've got a super simple fix that will have all of our cuticles looking and feeling soft and nourished after only one use. And, it's super easy...

In this article, we'll dive into the causes and symptoms of dry, ragged cuticles and provide a solution for healing and nourishing your nails and with Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream.

Causes of Dry Nails and Cuticles:

Cold weather is a primary culprit for the onset of dry nails and cuticles. The harsh winter air lacks humidity, robbing your skin and nails of essential moisture.

Additionally, the contrast between the chilly outdoor temperatures and the warmth inside our homes can contribute to dryness.

Indoor heating systems further exacerbate the problem by reducing the humidity levels, leaving your nails and cuticles parched.

Symptoms of Dry Nails and Cuticles:

Dry nails and cuticles manifest in various ways, making them not only uncomfortable but also visually unappealing.

Symptoms may include brittleness, peeling, and the formation of painful cracks or hangnails. Furthermore, the lack of moisture can lead to an overall dull appearance, affecting the aesthetic appeal of your hands.

The Impact on Appearance:

Dry, damaged nails and cuticles can significantly impact your overall appearance. A well-groomed set of nails enhances the beauty of your hands and is often considered a reflection of your personal hygiene.

On the contrary, neglected nails can give an unkempt and unhealthy impression. This is especially true during the winter months when the dry conditions exacerbate these issues.

But, we have the solution...Healing Dry Nails and Cuticles with Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream:

Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream emerges as a savior when battling dry winter nails and cuticles. Packed with powerful ingredients, this cream provides instant relief and long-term healing for your nails and cuticles.

Hero Ingredients:

Bamboo Extract:

Adesse New York Bamboo Cream

Known for its rich silica content, bamboo extract strengthens nails and promotes healthy growth. Silica aids in the retention of moisture, preventing nails from becoming brittle and prone to breakage.

Shea Butter:

Adesse New York Shea Butter

Renowned for its deep moisturizing properties, shea butter penetrates the nail bed and cuticles, providing intense hydration. It helps in restoring the natural moisture balance and alleviates dryness.

Vitamin E:

Adesse New York Vitamin E Oil

A potent antioxidant, Vitamin E protects nails from free radical damage and supports the overall health of the nail bed. It also aids in preventing the formation of hangnails.

Jojoba Nut Oil:

Adesse New York Jojoba Nut Oil


This natural emollient closely mimics the skin's sebum, making it an excellent moisturizer for the nails and cuticles. Jojoba oil forms a protective barrier, sealing in moisture and preventing further dryness.

Why Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream:

Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream stands out as an effective solution due to its unique blend of natural ingredients. Not only does it provide instant relief by soothing dryness, but it also addresses the root causes of the problem, ensuring long-term healing and nourishment for your nails and cuticles.

It has a light, fresh scent and is non-greasy, so you can use it all day, whenever your cuticles feel dry and need a little love.

My Final Thoughts:

Don't let dry winter nails and cuticles dampen your spirits or ruin your appearance. Embrace the healing power of Adesse New York's Strengthening Bamboo Cream and say bye-bye to brittle, cracked nails.

With its hero ingredients, this cream offers a comprehensive solution to combat the effects of winter dryness, leaving your nails looking healthy, vibrant, and beautifully moisturized.

Say hello to stronger, more resilient nails this winter!

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