Why You Need to Stop Using Gels and Acrylics Right Now

Why You Need to Stop Using Gels and Acrylics Right Now

By Suzanne Roberta, MBA


Why You Should Stop Wearing Acyrlic Nail Polish

There are many factors that can damage our nails. Aging, toxic nail polish, acrylics, gels, shellac and even dipping powders can take a toll on the health of your nails. Whatever the culprit is, we have a solution for it.

The Damage of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the worst thing you can do to your natural nails. In order for the acrylic compound to bind to the natural nail, nail techs have to sand down your natural nails to almost nothing. Then come the layers of binding agents and then the thick layer of acrylic itself to form the nail. This only provides a temporary fix to your nail goals, (healthy, long, shiny nails). Although these acrylic nails may look “perfect”, your natural nail underneath is seriously crying.

Acrylic formula is a combination of liquid monomer and a powder polymer that hardens after exposure to the air. After this is applied, usually nail polish is put on over top. The fumes of the acrylic process can really damage your health if your nail salon isn’t well ventilated. If you want to know how to repair nails, shy away from the acrylic process.

The Damage of Traditional Gel Nails

Although not as bad as an acrylic set of nails, gel polish has its own set of risks. Your nails still have to be “removed of all shine” (read: sanded down) for the gel polish to adhere. The chemicals in your typical gel polish also contain formaldehyde which as we know is super toxic. The big kicker when it comes to UV curing gel manicures, is the UVA rays that the curing machines omit. While exposure is relatively short, the UVA light from the machines are 3x as strong at the sun. If you get your nails done every couple of weeks, that UV exposure can really add up. If you are trying to repair your damaged nails the removal process of gel nails requires an acetone soak, and this can absolutely destroy any natural luster your nails have, as well as expose you to nasty fumes.

How to Repair Damaged Nails: Step One

The best thing you can do to repair damaged nails is to remove any unnatural coating that is currently on. Trim and file your natural nails so they rest just over the skin on your finger pads. If you natural nails are too long while they are brittle or otherwise unhealthy, they are more prone to painful breaks.

Step Two:

Choose a nail treatment from our organic infused nail treatment line. We promise that we have the exact product that you need to repair your nails. In as little as 2 days you will start to see major healing effects in your natural nails. We recommend our Nail Defense treatment if you’re looking to repair and stabilize super damaged and weak nails. If you just got your acrylic set removed, this is the treatment to start to repair your natural nails. This keratin protein, bio-mineral, and vitamin E complex instantly replenishes the compounds that your natural nails have been asking for: this is how to repair nails for good.

Our Nail Defense Treatment helps with break and imperfections

Our W3 Peptide Nail Growth Serum is dermatologist-tested and uses the latest pharmaceutical-grade keratin to get your nails growing at lightning speed.

Try our Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil if you are looking for the perfect finish to your natural-looking nails. Vitamin E, shea oil, sweet almond, and jojoba oils are blended together to create a luxurious treatment that softens the cuticles and moisturizes the nails.

Step Three: Enjoy your Beautiful Natural Nails


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