The 3-Step Anchoring Manicure System™

The 3-Step Anchoring Manicure System™

Welcome to the New Era of Nail Care!

 By Suzanne Roberta-Meyer, MBA

At Adesse New York, we have No. Greater. Pet Peeve. than nails that chip and manicures that don’t last! 

You know, you’ve been there…Heckers, I've been there...

You go to a nail salon to get the perfect mani for that upcoming special event. You gaze down lovingly at your new perfect nails, but then you see it…that small chip…

Luckily, you bought a bottle of the nail color from the salon and use it to touch up that chip.

But then, you notice another nail has a chip, then another…and before you know it, your perfect, smooth manicure looks like a patchwork quilt, lumpy, bumpy and oh so sad…

That’s why we created the Adesse 3-Step Manicure System™ to give you your best long-wearing, chip resistant manicure.

Whether you use it at home, or take it to your favorite nail salon, we’ve got you (chip free) covered.

Here’s how it works;

Adesse New York’s proprietary 3-Step Anchoring Manicure System is designed to deliver maximum long wear and chip resistance to the nails.

Each step in the system “anchors” to the next, creating strong, yet breathable wear.

Scientifically designed Oligomers and Micro-Bonding Particles formulated into each base coat, color coat and topcoat lock into each other, resulting in a professional, salon perfect, long-lasting manicure every time.

Adesse New York 3-Step Anchoring Manicure System™ delivers salon professional nails.

The result?

You get your best, long lasting, chip resistant manicure and can finally say goodbye to that unsightly, patchwork quilt look.

You're welcome :-)

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